Crisp Rice & Honey Crunch Box


The cereal that is so crunchy, puffy and delicious, your family won’t get enough of. Our big box of Crisp Rice will literally fly off your shelf! But no worries, it’s one of the healthiest and easiest to digest cereal options for family members of all ages. And to keep it extra healthy, don’t forget to dress it up with your favorite fruit toppings and low fat milk.


Start any day fully energized by this multi grain mix of oats and corn. Honey gives it the extra taste and energy kick. Add some milk to make it a wholesome breakfast, or just grab some straight out of the box for a filling and tasty snack. Add yogurt and fruit and turn it into a flavorful dessert that is actually good for you.

Manufactured for: HAPPY PRODUCTS, INC. PO BOX 908. Saint Just, Puerto Rico 00978



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